About Kirsi Nevanti

Director, producer / PhD in fine arts, film and media. A filmmaker with several shorts and creative documentaries under her belt, and a characteristic personal style. In her work as a director, Nevanti has learned that “good instincts usually tell you what to do before your head has figured it out." Also, she says: "Making documentaries is interpreting reality; not necessarily as it appears to be – the key is that the film must be ‘true to the spirit’ of what is portrayed." Title of dissertation (June 2017): In Real Life (Or Elsewhere) – On Creative Processes And Parallel Realities In Documentary Film. Born in Eastern Carelia, Finland, she today lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She is educated at Dramatiska Institutet, DI, Stockholm, in film directing 1992-1995. Visiting lecturer in directing documentary at SADA, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (2009-2011). The cinematic centerpiece of her doctoral work is entitled Images and the Worlds of Being. Based on the project Nevanti is now working on an application, for a diversity of audiences in healthcare settings and other stressful environments.